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orangyporangy is an independent clothing line,
designed and sewn by self-taught seamstress, Natalie Bass.


I'm a clothing designer & seamstress running a little shop
with my husband in Madison WI. I sew in the back of the shop,
up front we sell print art & clothing made by independents.
We started out by traveling to art fairs all over the country, now
we're enjoying staying in one spot and building a shop filled with
things we love, made by folks we appreciate & support.

I love tea, orange hair and a-line skirts...and cats....and big dogs.
I'm thrilled that other women love the skirts I love to design & wear.
I'm lucky I met my husband, and that he taught me to sew!


Zip-Dang is located at 2606 Monroe Street,
across from Knickerbocker Plaza and Wingra Park.



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