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OPAL - classic fit


Opal is our classic, standard a-line, not too full - not too slim - just right!
This style is flattering on almost any body type.

Sewn with two layers, the top layer is a bold print and the bottom layer
is unbleached natural cotton with a print at the hemline.

Even if you own a slip - you won't need it, this is a great skirt for biking!

The fit : Opal has a padded elastic waist with just enough stretch
for a comfortable fit. This style can be worn lower at your hips or
higher at your natural waist, whatever feels comfortable to you. 

AT YOUR HIPS: if you have an athletic or not so curvy body type

AT YOUR NATURAL WAIST: if your waist is much smaller than your
hips, or you've got curves - you'll find it easier to pull your skirt on over
your head thank to pull it up over your hips

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