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shop ORANGYPORANGY Saturdays during the Madison Farmers' Market


Saturdays now through November 6th you will find a fresh selectin of orangyporangy clothing when you visit
the Farmers Market in Madison. Mike and I set up our Zip-Dang tent from about 7:30am to around 2pm at the
top of State street alongside other local artists selling their handcrafted goods. For those who regularly
walk the square for their favorite foods from local farmers, take a look across the street and you'll
see us over there in our rows of white tents on W Mifflin and State Street.

The latest designs often make their debut at the market each week before they have a chance to be seen
online so if you're in the area stop by, grab some veggies & baked goods and say HI!

our tent is on the right side if your up at the capitol, near Ians Pizza



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